Now in its 113th year, this historic event is an annual, multi-day gathering that brings together Christian leaders, leading thinkers, church members, and university students for conversations about faith and life for ministry throughout the world.

Summit 2019: Sorrow, Hope, and Joy

How do we handle the brokenness in our lives and the lives of others? Can there be joy in heartache? Is there hope for the future, and how do we find it?

This year at Summit, we seek reminders for how the spiritual foundation of praying, singing, and meditation can help contemporary disciples flourish during times of sorrow, hope, and joy. Although sometimes neglected in the 21st century, the Psalter transforms lives by bringing God’s kindness and mercy into our world. Within its pages we encounter words, music, and emotions for our private and communal worship times. Just as the Psalms were the hymn book for Jesus and his followers thousands of years ago, those of us who gather at Summit 2019 will examine the many ways in which these ancient texts provide a steady, sustained foundation of godly living today.

Gather with us on September 15-18, 2019, for Sorrow, Hope, and Joy: Life in the Mountains and Valleys of the Psalms. Visit for full details and to register.

The Summit Experience

Each year, Summit centers on a theme drawn from Scripture, exploring it in myriad ways as we seek to live out these ancient truths in our world today.

This conference brings approximately 100 leading Christian thinkers onto ACU’s campus to share with those in attendance. Full-day pathways delve deeply into specific areas such as small church leadership, racial wholeness, discipleship, and business as mission, while keynote presentations ground the conversations within the biblical text.

From year to year, Summit also features a wide variety of experiences and creative expressions, such as film festivals, musical performances, dramatic readings, and conversation corners.

Admission to Summit is free, just as it as it has been for the past 112 years as we seek to inform, encourage, and inspire all who participate.

Snapshots from Summit 2018



For more information about Summit, contact Leah Andrews.