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In the life development of every church, one of the most critical dynamics is the change in ministerial leadership, and many churches find themselves unequipped to manage the ministerial transition effectively. We offer several resources designed to help congregations and ministers navigate this complex process. Click to jump to the sections below:

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MinistryLink is our web-based service that connects ministers with Churches of Christ. With this service, churches can view ministers’ resumes, post job openings, and contact ministers directly. Ministers can upload resumes, browse church profiles and job postings, and apply for open job opportunities.

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Note: A listing on MinistryLink does not constitute a recommendation by Abilene Christian University or the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry.

Left to right: Robert Oglesby, Royce Money, Curtis King, Carson Reed, Randy Harris, Tim Sensing.

Left to right: Robert Oglesby, Royce Money, Curtis King, Carson Reed, Randy Harris, Tim Sensing.

Looking Team

Interested in a more hands-on approach? The Looking Team is an active, relationship-driven team that helps churches find potential candidates for open ministry positions.

Contact Curtis King for more information.

Resource Packets

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  • Ministers Looking Packet

This free download features materials for ministers who are preparing for a transition to a new congregation or ministry context. The packet focuses primarily on the interview process and compensation negotiation.

  • Minister Transition Packet

This 80-page packet includes suggestions for managing the transition and search processeses, interview tips, sample job descriptions, candidate assessment tools, compensation negotiation resources, and more (see Table of Contents). While some of the content specifically targets preaching minister searches, much of the content applies more broadly to any type of minister transition. Order here.

  • Youth Minister Transition Packet

Compiled by Robert Oglesby Jr., director of ACU’s Center for Youth and Family Ministry, this transition packet is specifically for churches searching for a youth minister, children's minister, or worship minister. The packet includes such things as a bank of questions for youth ministers, sample job descriptions, and advertising pieces that describe the vision for youth ministry. Order or learn more.

  • Welcoming Your New Minister

After completing the process of searching for and hiring a new minister, there is still much that a congregation can do to prepare for their new minister’s arrival. This free download offers some suggestions.