Contemplative Ministers’ Initiative (CMI)

This two-year spiritual formation program helps ministers grow spiritually and maintain a healthy balance in the busyness of ministry.

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Spiritual Vitality

Through CMI, we go beyond teaching leadership techniques and skills, and instead focus on providing early-career ministers with guidance on how to grow spiritually. This emphasis on spiritual vitality in turn equips participants for longevity in ministry and prepares them to effectively weather the seemingly unceasing demands of ministry. Here’s what one CMI participant had to say about his experience:

Will we be better ministers? I am sure we already are. The evidence won’t be immediately apparent to most. It will be subtle at best. More tempered responses to the frustrated parishioner after a sermon. More patience in elder meetings. More calm at the bedside of a dying brother or sister. Maybe a sermon or two will be better. But that’s not what matters most. What matters most is that the ones pointing our churches to the spring of living water, are drinking deeply from it themselves.
— Eric Gentry, associate preaching minister, Highland Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee


Each year we launch a new cohort of 12 ministers who are in the first half of their careers, and each cohort runs for two years. Twice each year, these ministers gather for multi-day retreats designed to nurture their spiritual growth on a deeply personal level.

Randy Harris, Siburt Institute spiritual director, founded and continues to lead CMI. Additionally, Eddie Sharp (University Avenue Church of Christ, Austin, Texas), serves as a conversation partner for the elders of each CMI participant. This interaction with participants’ elders helps deepen the ministers’ spiritual growth and the positive impact on their congregations.


If you have questions or wish to recommend someone for CMI, contact Curtis King.