Congregational life and leadership bring daily challenges for church leaders, and sometimes those challenges create complexities that defy simple responses. Godly and effective leaders know the power of prayer, the discipline of humility, and the importance of recognizing the limits of knowledge. They also know that bringing in an experienced outside voice can provide perspective and offer new insight to aid in finding a way forward toward God’s preferred future.

Providing that outside perspective is the work of consultancy. More and more churches are engaging with consultants to learn, to gain clarity, and to practice wisdom for the sake of mission. Utilizing an experienced consultant is like utilizing a guide in a foreign country. Usually a new person in a foreign country can find their way, but it sure is easier—and the traveler learns a lot more—with an experience guide to point the way.

When to Engage a Consultant

Church leaders may find it most helpful to work with a consultant when a church wishes to review its health and direction, when a church is going through a period of change, or when a church needs outside help in difficult times. Download our one-page When to Engage a Church Consultant document for examples.


These church consultants are associated with the Siburt Institute. Each has particular specialties and experiences in various areas that are of interest to congregations. 


See also these authorized Church Health Assessment consultants.


Additionally, many of our colleagues at ACU enjoy getting to partner with churches as guest speakers and workshop leaders. Click here for contact information and details on their areas of expertise.


If you would like to talk with someone on our team about consultancy or about how to find the right resource for your congregation, please contact Ola Mae Bulkley.