Ministers’ Salary Survey

This annual nationwide survey measures minister compensation packages (including allowances and benefits) as well as years of experience, educational background, and other characteristics.

The 2019 Ministers’ Salary Survey results are now available!

Thanks to all the ministers who took the time to participate in this year’s survey. The data you have provided can impact ministers and churches throughout the nation by:

  • helping church leaders learn how other churches structure their compensation packages,

  • providing benchmarks for compensation among varying ministry types, geographical locations, and congregational sizes, and

  • aiding both ministers and churches in negotiating salary and compensation.

If you would like to participate in future surveys, please complete this brief online form.

Explore the Data

Digging Deeper

In a Mosaic article, research director Carley Dodd takes us beyond the pie charts into some reflections on the 2019 Ministers’ Salary Survey data, including key takeaways for elders and ministers.


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