Church Health Assessment (CHA)

This robust and statistically reliable instrument compiles congregational members’ perceptions on nine different areas, resulting in a report that provides church leaders with a unique, personalized, objective dashboard for their church.

Although other similar tools exist for congregational assessment, this is the only tool available today that is tested for reliability and specifically designed for Churches of Christ. It takes the guesswork out of measuring congregational attitudes and perspectives. The CHA measures the following key factors:

  1. Vision, mission, and goals

  2. Ministry and activity effectiveness

  3. Family life stages

  4. Spiritual formation and discipleship

  5. Worship

  6. Congregational culture, communication, and conflict

  7. Leadership

  8. Church relationships

  9. Finance and facilities

The instrument gathers numerical ratings and open-ended comments from participants, and summarizes member involvement and demographics. Its online platform makes it reasonably priced and simple to administer, and the report for church leaders is user-friendly.


Currently four people are authorized to use the CHA as a consulting tool with churches: Don Hebbard, Grady King, Jon Mullican, and Carson Reed. Find these consultants’ profiles and contact information here.

Trends & Further Reading

Dr. Suzie Macaluso

Dr. Suzie Macaluso

With a growing number of churches utilizing the CHA, we now have a data set large enough to suggest overall trends in a statistically significant way. Suzie Macaluso works closely with this data and has shared insights through the following Mosaic articles.


Carley Dodd and Suzie Macaluso, statistical and social researchers, developed the CHA for the Siburt Institute. Their process included gathering a focus group of church consultants and leaders, identifying the nine key factors listed above, and developing survey questions to measure each factor. Find the researchers’ profiles here.


For more information or to order this service, contact Ola Mae Bulkley.