We have developed this collection of free resources for use in Bible classes, small groups, elder-minister teams, and personal growth.

Steven Moore

Black Rage

Compiled by Steven Moore, this reading list includes resources for persons wishing to grow in knowledge and understanding in matters of race, racism, and racial justice. See also this interview with Moore and Randy Harris, a part of our Contemporary Christian Conversations video series.

organizational flow chart

Church Governance

This packet on church governance brings together materials originally compiled by several elder-minister teams serving as panelists at ElderLink Dallas 2015 and ElderLink Houston 2017. It presents a variety of different ways that Churches of Christ structure their leadership teams to maximize elder-minister partnerships.

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Elder Covenants

This packet on elder covenants of conduct is a loose collection of covenant statements that shape the way elders work collaboratively in leadership.

Open Bible

Interpreting the Bible in Our Times

In a series of lessons and interviews, Royce Money explores various aspects of biblical interpretation in language appropriate for adult Bible classes, taking into account the impact that cultural, geographic and religious backgrounds have on how individuals see the Scriptures. Access the session outlines and videos.

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Small Group and Bible Study Resources

The adult Bible studies below are available for use in churches.

Old Testament

New Testament

Congregational Life and Leadership

Royce Money on running track

Sprinting through Church History

Royce Money led a weekend intensive Bible course (now called Summer Seminar) that included a fast-paced series of lessons on church history. Download his session outlines, and view these video interviews with his collaborators: Jeff Childers, early Christianity; Ron Morgan, medieval Christianity; Doug Foster, Reformation church history and the origin of Churches of Christ; Chris Flanders, the current status of global Christianity; and Randy Harris, the relevance of church history to today and the future.