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Contemporary Christian Conversations

This video series offers personal narratives on current cultural issues from a Christian perspective, featuring Randy Harris with a special guest.

Black Rage – with Steven Moore

Clean and Unclean – with Richard Beck

The Crossroads of Art and Faith – with Dan McGregor

Preaching through Pain – with Mike Cope

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These videos come from ACU Summit.

2018 Keynote Presentations – several sessions centered on the theme “Wholeness in a Broken World”

2016 Conversation Corner – featuring conversations on “Creative Art + Faith = Worship,” “Church Response in Times of Fear and Uncertainty,” and “The Silence of God and Human Suffering”

What Will the Universal Body of Christ Look Like in the Next 25 Years? – a conversation with Andrew Hairston and Royce Money at Summit 2016

Summer Seminar 2017


These video collections capture presentations from some of our past events.

Church: Making the Future Work – a seminar featuring Peter L. Steinke

ElderLink 2013 – several presentations from multiple cities

Interpreting the Bible in Our Times – a Summer Seminar led by Royce Money

Sprinting through Church History – a Summer Seminar led by Royce Money

Stone-Campbell Dialogue 2014

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More Topics

These collections cover various special topics.

Jesus and Leadership

Mission Alive

When Conflict Attacks Your Church – featuring Royce Money and Joey Cope