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Lunch and Learn

This playlist features videos from our annual Lunch and Learn.

  • “Why Courage Matters!” – with Jerry Taylor

  • “Why Preaching Matters!” – with Rick Atchley

  • “Does the Church Matter?” – with Randy Harris

Summer Seminar

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These videos come from ACU Summit.

Randy Harris speaking at Summer Seminar

Other Events


Contemporary Christian Conversations

This video series offers personal narratives on current cultural issues from a Christian perspective, featuring Randy Harris with a special guest.

  • “Black Rage” – with Steven Moore

  • “Clean and Unclean” – with Richard Beck

  • “The Crossroads of Art and Faith” – with Dan McGregor

  • “Preaching through Pain” – with Mike Cope

iPhone on open Bible

Technology & Faith

This video series was developed courtesy of John Weaver and the ACU library.

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