Church Consultants

The following consultants are associated with the Siburt Institute, and each has particular specialties and experiences in various areas that are of interest to congregations. If you would like more information from a consultant or would like to work with them, please contact them directly.

Carson Reed

Executive Director, Siburt Institute

Carson frequently serves as a consultant to congregations across the country. His work has taken him to nearly 40 churches in the past five years, with a focus in the following areas:

  1. Transitions. Carson works with congregational leaders in developing appropriate processes to prepare for and seek out new ministers.

  2. Leadership and governance restructuring for mission. Many congregational leadership teams struggle with creating useful, empowering leadership systems that support the congregation’s mission. Carson’s experience with varied models and contexts serves well by helping develop healthy, streamlined structures that help church leaders attend to God’s prompting and provide appropriate monitoring and direction.

  3. Aligning mission and ministry. In the sweeping contextual shifts and often shrinking congregational sizes and resources, churches must be intentional about a focus on mission and hope. Carson provides resources and processes to help church leaders practice leadership that is anchored to both the best of the past and the possibilities of God’s preferred future.

With his academic and research work in leadership, faith and culture, and discipleship, Carson brings a wide array of resources to help congregations and leadership teams.

Robert Oglesby

Director, Center for Youth and Family Ministry

Robert works with youth ministers and church leaders at crucial transition points or in crisis moments.

  1. Search process for youth a family ministers. Robert has worked with hundreds of churches to set up a search processes that will help them find the person who will have a significant impact on their students. With an extensive network of churches and youth ministers, Robert can help identify potential candidates.

  2. Youth ministry model transitions. Many churches are asking questions about the traditional model of youth ministry, and many are exploring more family-friendly models of youth ministry. Robert can assist churches with how to implement a transition plan to the newer model.

  3. Building a healthy team between ministry staff and elders. A church is only as healthy as the leadership team. It is crucial to build structures that promote teamwork and a create a healthy culture among the staff and elders. Robert has experience as an executive minister and has worked with elderships extensively. He helps leaderships explore the hard questions in a safe environment.

  4. Congregational crisis management. Crisis moments are never planned. An affair, the sexual assault of a child, the divorce of an elder's child catch everyone by surprise. Sometimes it is helpful to have an outside consultant to help facilitate the first steps for sensitive situations. Robert has consulted with a variety of churches through some of these difficult times.

Robert brings 38 years of ministry experience as well as ongoing research in the areas of church leadership and development. His work with Ministers’ Support Network shows his love for those who work in the mission of God.

Eddie Sharp

Consulting Partner, Siburt Institute

Eddie has been in ministry since 1971. His experience with churches and other non-profit organizations, paired with his academic preparation, gives him deep perspective in the following areas of church life:

  1. Leadership transitions. Selecting new elders and navigating shifts within a church ministry staff present a variety of challenges related to church mission, congregational stability, and the personalities of the people involved. Eddie can offer wisdom and concrete proposals, addressing a congregation’s unique needs in these situations.

  2. Spiritual formation. Eddie has been trained as a teacher of spiritual formation through the Transforming Community ministry of Ruth Haley Barton (author of Sacred Rhythms) and leads spiritual formation processes in congregational and retreat contexts. He works with elderships, Christian non-profit boards, and individuals in developing spiritually formative practices that honor God, enhance personal lives, and bless others in the world.

  3. Spiritual discernment. Churches want to do the will of God, but often have little understanding about how to seek God’s will. Eddie leads trainings in spiritual discernment, helping both churches and individuals know and do God’s will in the world.

  4. Minister stress and burnout. Eddie and his wife Annette were part of the Ministers’ Support Network retreat team for 15 years. In that time, they worked with over 400 ministry couples, meeting godly servants in every possible situation that ministry can offer. This experiential background gives Eddie and Annette tools for coming alongside ministry couples in times of crisis. They are not licensed counselors, but offer help as experienced spiritual friends to ministers and their spouses.

Eddie has spent over 47 years in congregational ministry. His experience and training have prepared him to help churches in a variety of ways.